Bucket List Ideas: Top 5 Movies to Watch before You Die

Bucket List Ideas: Top 5 Movies to Watch before You Die

If you are like most people, you likely have a bucket list of movies that you want to watch before you die. So why not make an effort to watch some of the truly great and highest ranked films out there? From classic film noir and black-and-white wonders to spectacular stories about momentous events, here are the best movies to watch before your time is up – it’s more than worth it! 


The Shawshank Redemption

Two prisoners develop a connection over the course of several years as they look for solace and, eventually, redemption through simple kindness.


The Godfather

In post-war New York City, the ailing head of an organised criminal family hands over authority of his shadowy empire to his reluctant youngest son.


The Dark Knight

Batman must accept one of the biggest psychological and physical tests of his abilities to fight injustice as the threat known as the Joker causes mayhem and confusion among the citizens of Gotham.


The Godfather Part II

The early years of Vito Corleone's life and profession in 1920s New York City are depicted as his son, Michael, strengthens and extends his control over the family's criminal organisation.


12 Angry Men

A solitary member of the jury in a murder trial in New York City frustrates the other members by making them deliberate the evidence more thoroughly before reaching a judgement.


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