Recommended Gifts under £20 For Newborn Babies 2022

Recommended Gifts under £20 For Newborn Babies 2022

At Magnitude Gifts we have a growing category of baby newborn gifts with a range to suit all budgets. If you are struggling to decide what to buy for a baby boy or baby girl we hope to help you out with this quick blog post with clickable links.

1. Ty Squishaboo. This soft cuddly toy is a perfect companion for any baby or toddler. They are also great as a pillow for travelling or sleeping. Don't forget we can personalise these for you which is included in the cost. We recommend the 10" version as it is very compact and easy to bring with you on the go. Starting at only £14.99 and free postage this will not break the bank.

2. My First Year Picture Frame. Our beautifully framed first year album is a great way of tracking those stages of growth with a new born baby. Month by month there is space to update the photo frame with your babies progress. The top of the picture design features a beautiful mother and baby hare gazing up at the moon and stars. Priced at only £19.99 what better way to arrange your priceless pictures!

3. Engraved Bamboo Weaning Plate and Spoons Set. Bamboo is classed as a grass and not a wood, with its fast growing qualities it is a very sustainable material to use. It is recommended to start the baby weaning process anywhere from 4-6 months of age, so we would always recommend our baby plate and spoon set even as a newborn gift because before you know it that newborn baby has grown up very fast and ready for more than baby milk. Our range includes designs ranging from an elephant to a fire engine, perfect for baby boys and girls. Another gift under £20 including personalisation and delivery it's one of this years must have items.

4.Personalised Baby Memory Book. This record book is beautifully designed inside and out with a moon and stars theme, making it a perfect keepsake for both baby boys and girls. Complete with pages including baby's first words, baby's first Christmas and Mam and Dad thoughts and feelings pre birth. Priced nicely at only £14.99 makes this a gift perfect for baby showers or when the new arrival is born.

5.Babies First Year Milestone Box. This stunning white box comes complete with 15 milestone cards including " I rolled over for the first time" and "today I slept through the night". Once this milestone is reached, on the back of the card is a space to write notes and date this special memory to look back at in time. Then simply place this card into the box. At £16.99 including free postage this is our final baby gift suggestion coming in very much on budget.

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