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Bee Ceramic Flower Jug

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Our Bee Ceramic Flower Jug is the perfect way to create calm and soothing spaces in your home. Every piece of this delightful jug features painted illustrations of colourful bumble bees, sure to bring a joyful buzz into the room. Against a neutral backdrop, the contrasting handle creates a vibrant accent, providing just enough recessed detail. The delicate size and shape of this jug make it an ideal vessel for fresh flowers or a thoughtful gift for someone special such as Mother's Day or teacher appreciation gifts.

With its natural charm and earthy qualities, the Bee Ceramic Flower Jug will be a delightful addition to any home decor style. Whether filled with wildflowers or displayed empty on a shelf, this whimsical jog will have you buzzing with delight!

Dimensions: H18cm x W17cm x D12cm