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Buddha Incense Holder Plate

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Are you looking for an ideal way to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit? Look no further than our decorative Buddha incense holder plate. Exquisitely designed with a detailed image of Buddha, this antique copper-effect incense holder features ornamental details that lend a calming quality to any space. Just place your favourite incense stick within the centre opening to bring moments of inner peace and tranquility. This attractive product promises to bring balance amidst the chaos of our day-to-day lives. Allow it's calming antique motif to nurture fragrant aromas throughout your home or office while connecting you with meditation and intentionality. Let the buddha design create a zen-like atmosphere in any room, without compromising on style! Start enjoying moments of inner stillness with Magnitude Gifts’ buddha incense holder plate today.

Dimensions: H2.5cm x W12.5cm x D12.5cm