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Personalised Haynes Explains Babies

Personalised Haynes Explains Babies

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Are you a new or expecting parent? Welcome to a whole new world of worry and joy! Don't worry though, as you have the perfect go-to guide with our Personalised Haynes Explains Babies. With this owner's workshop manual, you'll have all the helpful information and advice you need at your fingertips. You'll wonder how you ever coped without it!

This book is like no other. It has been personalised for each individual baby with their name at the top of every page. It's not just personalisation that'll make this book a winner, it's also packed with supportive advice from prenatal tips to postnatal care. For instance, ever heard of "waiting for your baby to arrive is like picking someone up from the airport without knowing who they are or what time their flight lands"? Well that's one example of some wisdom only found in this manual.

You can even add a special message on the opening page for that extra special touch! With this must have addition to any parent’s library, everything from production and delivery to oil changes and emission control will be taken care of as if you were an expert mechanic. So don’t wait to get your copy, pick up the Haynes Explains Babies today and discover why this book is truly top of the line parenting in tip top condition.

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Message- 2 lines of text 40 characters each

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Dimensions (mm) 202 × 151 × 8 mm
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