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Personalised Haynes Explains Teenagers

Personalised Haynes Explains Teenagers

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Is your teenager giving you a hard time? Haynes Explains Teenagers is here to help! The perfect gift for your teenage (or the parent of a teen, we all need some assistance from time to time). Enjoy the added personal touch that this unique manual offers. It is personalised with the terrible teen’s name at the top of each page, and you can also include a message from yourself on the opening page.

This manual provides essential guidance on understanding your teen, beginning with 'body-kits and accessorising', right through to 'jump starting' their lives and how to work that irritating horn! Chronicling the hours spent trying to survive in the eye of parenting storm, be sure to take solace in gems of wisdom such as ‘to punish your teenager take them on holiday to a remote rural cottage where there is no mobile reception or broadband’.

Introducing good old fashioned parenting techniques, Haynes Explains Teenagers teaches us valuable life lessons which combine both humor and wordy witticism. It tears apart modern parenting struggles while providing support 'Teach our kids how to respect other people & cultures, even if we don't agree with them'.

So, if you're looking for an engaging yet witty way to better understand your troublesome teen, then Haynes Explains Teenagers is perfect for you!

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