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Personalised Haynes Explains the Home

Personalised Haynes Explains the Home

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Are you frustrated with the ever increasing costs of maintaining a home? Not sure where to turn when things break down, or how to get the best out of your neighbours? We have an answer. Say goodbye to money draining mechanics and neighbours from hell with the all new Personalised Haynes Manual Explains The Home! A must have for any domestic god or goddess, this tongue in cheek guide will have you everything you need to know about home ownership, from maintenance and repair work, to identifying (and getting along with!) different neighbourly personalities. Plus, it’s personalised just for your recipient, with their name appearing on both the front cover and at the top of each page, making it a gift as unique as they are! Make life in the home easier (and more entertaining) with Haynes Explains The Home!

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Weight (g) 189 g
Dimensions (mm) 202 × 151 × 8 mm


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