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Personalised Retro Vinyl Black Framed Print

Personalised Retro Vinyl Black Framed Print

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Welcome to the era of vintage elegance and sophistication! Our Personalised Retro Vinyl Black Framed Print is expertly crafted to be the perfect finishing touch in any home. Designed with timeless appeal, this print offers a unique spin on classic style that’s sure to add character to your living space.

The central feature of this piece is it's black frame, this timeless frame adds an easy sophistication to the piece. Made from sturdy material, it will resist damage even with daily use. Inside the frame rests an unforgettable piece of art that harkens back to a simpler time, your very own personalised vinyl image set within the print, perfectly complementing today's modern design trends.

Ideal for celebrating special occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings and engagements, a custom framed print displays your stylish retro artwork in a memorable way for all to enjoy. Let the exceptional craftsmanship and signature style add character to any space - the perfect addition for friend and family alike!

Personalise this Retro Vinyl Black framed print with text up to 20 characters on line 1, 25 characters on line 2 and a further 20 characters on line 3 (all these will appear inside the record). You can then add a message over 2 lines up to 30 characters on each line (this will appear at the bottom of the frame).

Height 38.3 cm
Width 30.6 cm
Depth 1.5 cm

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