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Sherwood Bear Soft Plush By Keel Toys 28cm

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Snuggle into warm, snuggly comfort with the Sherwood Bear Soft Plush by Keel Toys! This adorable bear is perfect for cuddling and comforting your child. It's made of soft, plush material that is incredibly comfy, with a warm brown colouring and two huge black eyes that will capture your little one’s heart. Its fluffy body will fit perfectly in their arms, while the long limbs make it fun to grab and cuddle. Whether your child loves to hug it close or just wants something to keep them company, they’ll instantly fall in love with this super cute bear! Let them take their new best friend anywhere: on adventures through the house or anywhere else they can think up! The Sherwood Bear Soft Plush makes an ideal gift for any special occasion that your family celebrates together. Friends and family won’t be able to resist giving this beautiful plush bear a big hug!